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Hobson, Askins Happy Republicans Have Embraced Democratic Principles

Statement by Senate President Pro Tempore Cal Hobson

“We’re pleased with the goals outlined by Republican legislative leaders today. Improving the quality of education for our children, creating jobs, supporting working families and making health care more available and affordable have been the backbone of the Democrats’ agenda since statehood.

“It’s very encouraging to see that they have adopted many of our goals with regard to education, healthcare and jobs – although it’s not surprising considering that voters overwhelmingly approved three important Democrat-supported ballot questions in November.”

Editor’s note: Nearly 65 percent of voters approved the Oklahoma Education Lottery in November. The State-Tribal Gaming Act won approval by nearly 59 percent, providing millions of dollars in new funding for education. More than 53 percent of voters approved an increase in the state tobacco tax that will provide $500 million in new healthcare funding. All three proposals were sent to the ballot by Democrats with almost no support from Republican lawmakers.

Statement by House Democratic Leader Jari Askins

“Our goals appear to be very similar. Even though I suspect we’ll differ on how to accomplish those goals, I think the statements today from Speaker Hiett and Senator Coffee should be an indication that we can accomplish great things for Oklahoma in the coming session if we’re willing to work together.”

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