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Hobson, Askins Encouraged by Governor’s Plan For Workers’ Compensation Reforms

Statement by Senate President Pro Tempore Cal Hobson

“I’m encouraged by what I have seen of Governor Henry’s plan so far and I remain convinced we will be able to reach a workable solution in the coming weeks.
“I continue to believe that to reduce workers’ compensation rates we have to focus on the big ticket item of healthcare, which accounts for more than half of the overall cost of the system.
“Further, we must encourage increased workplace safety and do all we can to root out and punish fraud by employers as well as employees.
“My bottom line has always been and will remain making certain that the rights of persons injured on the job are protected.”

Statement by House Democratic Leader Jari Askins

“I’m pleased that Governor Henry has again taken the lead on reform of our state’s Workers’ Compensation system. I look forward to working with the Governor, Senator Hobson and Republican leaders in both the House and Senate in the coming weeks as we seek reforms that will lower costs and protect the rights and benefits for injured workers.”

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