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High Speed Rail Link Between OKC and Tulsa To Be Discussed

Senator Dave Herbert Senator Dave Herbert

OKLAHOMA CITY – High-speed rail service connecting Oklahoma's two largest metropolitan areas will be at the top of the discussion list at an April 2nd joint meeting of the House and Senate Transportation Committees, announced Senator Dave Herbert, D- Midwest City.

The meeting is expected to focus on a high-speed rail corridor study between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, allowing passengers to travel at speeds in excess of 150 mph.

"This is an important step toward fulfilling a long-time dream of thousands of Oklahomans," said Senator Herbert. "High speed rail service will not only provide Oklahomans with more transportation options, but it will add an important economic development tool to the state. People in Oklahoma City could ride the train to Tulsa in the same amount of time that some of us spend in our cars each morning driving to work."

"This is an exciting prospect for Oklahoma transportation," said Senator Herbert. "In the coming weeks, the committee will be discussing the options that will help make an OKC-Tulsa line affordable and feasible."

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