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Governor signs water reuse legislation

Legislation that will encourage water districts and municipalities to expand the state’s supply of water through reuse and conservation has been signed by the governor.

Sen. Rob Standridge, author of Senate Bill 1187, said his proposal establishes state policy to facilitate reuse efforts, and specifies permitting requirements for projects.

“Improving our water infrastructure is a critical component of our efforts to support economic development and quality of life,” said Standridge, R-Norman. “To broaden our supply of safe, local water, municipalities and water districts need to be able to take advantage of proven technologies for conservation and reuse. This legislation will facilitate projects that can help us secure our water needs well into the future.”

Standridge noted that for growing municipalities, including his hometown of Norman, reuse can be a practical, cost-effective alternative to the construction of new pipelines or reservoirs.

Rep. Scott Martin, sponsor of the measure, said the bill will enable communities to make important investments in their water systems.

“I'm extremely pleased that Governor Fallin has signed Senate Bill 1187 into law,” said Martin, R-Norman. “This bill throws open the realm of possibilities our local communities can explore when it comes to meeting their drinking water needs. Demands on fresh clean drinking water are growing due to population increases, not to mention the extended drought we have been in. Water reuse will serve as a critical piece to meet those demands. This law was years in the making, and I'm very honored to have worked with Senator Standridge to get it across the goal line, in addition to the regulatory bodies who see the wisdom in water reuse.”

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