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Governor signs measure allowing veterans designation on Oklahoma driver’s licenses

Sen. Roger Ballenger Sen. Roger Ballenger

Gov. Mary Fallin has signed into law a measure that will allow veterans to have a special emblem on their Oklahoma driver’s licenses.
Senate Bill 138, authored by Sen. Roger Ballenger and Rep. Jerry Shoemake, authorizes the Department of Public Safety to create driver’s licenses with a small flag in one corner, to serve as a designation of veteran status.

“I am extremely grateful to Governor Fallin for her support of this proposal, and to my House author, Representative Jerry Shoemake for his hard work on the bill,” said Ballenger, D-Okmulgee. “This emblem ensures veterans are recognized for their service, and can quickly prove their status when they apply for a job, or make use of a discount. The law will help ensure veterans receive all the benefits and assistance available to them.”

Ballenger noted the new law will relieve veterans of the burden of carrying paperwork to verify their service when required to prove their status. Under the new law, veterans will be able to add the new symbol to their driver’s license when it is renewed.

“We greatly owe our veterans for their service and sacrifices, and anything we can do to assist them should be done,” Ballenger said. “This law is both a gesture of gratitude, and a very practical way to help Oklahoma veterans.”

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