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Governor signs measure allowing agreements between county boards of health

OKLAHOMA CITY – The governor has given final approval to Senate Bill 736, which will allow county health departments across the state to share resources in an effort to improve public health in Oklahoma.

Authored by Sen. Chris Kidd, R-Waurika, the measure allows county health departments to form “health districts,” comprised of multiple member counties, with the goal to pool resources to enhance health outcomes for the member counties.

“Currently, county health departments operate independently, but I strongly believe our health outcomes will be better if we all work together,” Kidd said. “This change will allow our county health departments to share resources to better serve their residents, a concept that is especially important in rural Oklahoma where resources may be lacking in some areas.”

Rep. Marcus McEntire, R-Duncan, carried the measure in the House.

“Giving our county health departments the ability to pool resources with each other will help them better address the health care needs of the Oklahomans they serve as well as better plan for large scale projects,” McEntire said. “I’m grateful to Senator Kidd for bringing this necessary change and to the governor for signing it into law.”

The measure passed unanimously in the Senate and by a large bipartisan margin in the House. It will go into effect on Nov. 1, 2021. 

For more information, contact: Sen. Chris Kidd: (405) 521-5563 or