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Governor signs gun legislation for military personnel

Gov. Fallin recently signed legislation to allow certain military members to carry a handgun without a handgun license. Sen. Kim David is the author of Senate Bill 35 and says military members’ extensive training with weapons makes the requirement of having a gun license unnecessary.

“Our military men and women are highly trained in combat and how to use weapons. Requiring them to get a license to carry a handgun is redundant and an expense our Oklahoma heroes shouldn’t have to worry about,” said David, R-Porter. “I want to thank my colleagues and Gov. Fallin for supporting this important measure and respecting the training and knowledge of these brave men and women.”

SB 35 modifies the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act by allowing active military members and those who are in the Reserves or National Guard who are 21 years of age or older to be able to present a valid military identification card in place of a handgun license. Individuals must also have in their possession a valid Oklahoma driver license or an Oklahoma state photo ID card at all times when carrying an authorized pistol.

The new bill goes into effect November 1, 2017.

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Sen. David: 405-521-5590