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GOP Congressman Lucas Praised for Effort to Keep Oklahoma FSA Offices Open

Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee

State Senate Republican Leader disappointed by Sen. Lawler’s attempt to politicize issue in ‘Howard Dean’-like news release

State Senate Republican Leader Glenn Coffee said Oklahomans can thank U.S. Congressman Frank Lucas, a Republican from Cheyenne, for winning his effort to keep the USDA from closing 19 of Oklahoma’s 65 Farm Service Agency offices.

Coffee also expressed disappointment in Sen. Daisy Lawler, D-Comanche, who tried to politicize the issue earlier this week. In her October 17 news release, “State Senate Agriculture Chairman Intends to Fight Republican Plan to Close Farm Service Agency Offices,” Lawler falsely blamed the Republican Party for the USDA plan to close down some Farm Service Agency offices in a cost-saving move.

“Sen. Lawler’s news release really looks petty because everyone knows it was Frank Lucas and other Republicans in Congress who won the battle to keep the Farm Service Agency offices open,” stated Coffee.

“It was disappointing to see Sen. Lawler engage in such a partisan, misleading attack. She was trying to stir up fear and concern in rural Oklahoma and direct that at Republicans for her own political gain. Her news release was right out the Howard Dean Liberal-Democrat Playbook,” Coffee said.

Coffee noted that rural issues are very important to Senate Republicans. More than one-third of Republican state senators represent rural districts.

“Oklahoma’s economy is dependent on a strong, thriving farm economy. Oklahomans are thankful that we have leaders like Congressman Lucas in the U.S. Congress to fight for our interests,” Coffee said.

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