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Ford, Senate Approve Local Empowerment

Sen. John Ford Sen. John Ford
Schools given opportunity to eliminate unfunded mandates

The Senate gave overwhelming bipartisan support today to Senate Bill 2330, authored by Senator John Ford, which gives local empowerment to education professionals, bringing them together to improve Oklahoma’s education system.

Senate Bill 2330 is a voluntary measure that gives an individual school or a group of schools the opportunity to opt out of programs or state unfunded mandates within their given districts. By opting out, this allows them to save money or maximize the education experience.

Once a plan is agreed upon by the local educational professionals, which includes teachers and the administration, the plan is then submitted to the local school board and then on to the State Department of Education for final approval. If approved, the school district will implement the plan and will be subject to a review at the end of three years to verify the desired results are being obtained.

“Many teachers across Oklahoma continue to tell me their concern regarding unfunded mandates,” said Ford, who represents Craig, Nowata and Washington Counties in the State Senate, and serves as chairman of the Senate Education Committee. “The purpose behind Senate Bill 2330 is to provide an opportunity for all education professionals to put a plan together that will help their school system operate better without the hindrance of these mandates in place. It is encouraging to see the bipartisan support on this legislation that will make Oklahoma’s education system even stronger.”

Senate Bill 2330 will now go to the House of Representatives.

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