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Federal Block Grants The Focus Of Joint Legislative Committee Hearings

OKLAHOMA CITY - Citizens interested in providing input on how state agencies should spend federal block grants are encouraged to attend public hearings scheduled this July, according to State Senator Bruce Price (D-Hinton).

Senator Price serves as Chair of the Joint Committee On Federal Funds. As required by state and federal law, the special panel holds hearings at least once a year to gauge the public's interest in how federal block funds should be used. State agencies also are required to report on how they spend federal funds.

"A large portion of the state's budget comes from the federal government," said Senator Price. "It's important that we know the views of the people we represent while determining how and where this money should be used."

Federal block grants are used to pay for a variety of projects in Oklahoma. Transportation, job creation, health care for women and children, programs to assist the handicapped and elderly, anti-poverty, and education programs are all recipients of these grants.

The public hearings are scheduled for Wednesday, July 16. The hearings get underway at 9:00 AM in the State Senate Chambers at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City.

"I urge anyone who is desirous of offering their input to this process to attend these important hearings," added Senator Price. "Without the people's ideas, government fails to adequately represent the people."

For more information please contact: Tom Clapper (, Staff Coordinator, (405) 524-0126; Troy Adkins, Fiscal Staff, (405) 521-5778; or Robert Thompson, Staff Attorney, (405) 521-5741. The address is: Joint Committee on Federal Funds, Attn: Tom Clapper (, Room 309, State Capitol, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105.

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