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Electric Restructuring Panel To Hold Meeting in Tulsa Wednesday

A special task force on electric restructuring will hold its third meeting in Tulsa on Wednesday, November 7th.

State Senator Kevin Easley, chairman of the Electric Restructuring Advisory Committee, said the panel is in the process of touring the state, gathering information and seeking public input on how Oklahoma should proceed with the complicated issue.

"By getting as much public input and information as possible, we hope to avoid the mistakes made by other states, namely California. Every citizen in the state has a stake in this issue and should be given an opportunity to voice their opinion," said Sen. Easley.

Earlier this year state lawmakers voted to delay any plans for electric restructuring and appoint a special panel to conduct further study. The nine-member committee is examining a variety of related issues, including the viability of the state's electric transmission network.

The Electric Restructuring Advisory Committee must report back to state leaders at the end of 2002. The panel includes representatives from the Legislature, the Governor's office, the Corporation Commission, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the State School Superintendent's office and the Attorney General's office.

What: Third Meeting of Electric Restructuring Advisory Committee
When: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 7th, 2001
Where: Tulsa, University of Tulsa - Allen Chapman Center (Gallery Room)

Contact info
Senate Communications Division - (405) 521-5605