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Edmond legislators to serve on Occupational Licensing Advisory Commission

Oklahoma City – State Senator Adam Pugh announced today he has been appointed to serve on the 12-member Occupational Licensing Advisory Commission, which is set to have its first meeting next week.

Pugh, R-Edmond, said the Commission was created as a result of the findings of a task force convened in 2017 and the subsequent passage of Senate Bill 1475 earlier this year.  Pugh and Representative Mike Osburn, R-Edmond, authored SB 1475, which created the Occupational Licensing Advisory Commission. Each year, the Commission will review a set number of occupational licenses issued in Oklahoma in order to make recommendations to the legislature and administrative agencies for reform. These recommendations, which will be made in December each year prior to the beginning of the next legislative session, will follow a public meeting and ongoing input from affected stakeholders.

The Commission is comprised of legislators from both the majority and minority parties, governor appointees from licensed industries, information technology professionals, regulated industry representatives, and organizations assisting people who are transitioning from poverty.

Sen. Pugh and Rep. Osburn, joined by Labor Commissioner Melissa Houston, will hold three of the twelve seats on the commission. 

“By creating the initial task force last year, passing Senate Bill 1475, and developing an advisory commission now, we’ve made real progress in being able to identify areas needing further attention,” said Pugh.  “This process will allow for the compilation of data to help determine all the licenses issued by the 300 state agencies, boards and commission.  Our main focus will be finding a way to utilize the Occupational Licensing Blueprint to conduct an analysis of all the occupational licenses in Oklahoma and reviewing areas of excessive licensing regulations.  We will also review regulations, barriers to entry for low income individuals, and reciprocity among states for military families moving to Oklahoma.”

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