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Democratic Leader Charlie Laster Responds to Senate Republicans Who are Frantically Trying to Rewrite History of REAP Debate

Sen. Charlie Laster Sen. Charlie Laster

"Senator Justice is correct that Senate Democratic members did “find the problems” with the Republican leadership’s budget proposal that completely gutted funding for REAP and would have required furloughs of state troopers.

Senate Democrats understood doing so would have jeopardized the public safety of all Oklahomans and left rural Oklahoma in the dust.

“Senator Justice and others don’t seem to appreciate that it was through the efforts of the Senate Democratic Caucus that enough attention was brought to these issues that Republican leaders miraculously “found” the money to fund REAP and DPS.

“However, Senate Democrats do appreciate the help of certain rural Republicans in convincing their Oklahoma City and Tulsa leaders to save REAP.”


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