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Corn Asks Corporation Commission to Require Competitive Bidding by Electric Utility Companies

Senator Kenneth Corn Senator Kenneth Corn

Senator Kenneth Corn today called on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to adopt competitive bidding rules for utilities that would save Oklahomans thousands of dollars on their electric bills.

In testimony before the Commission Monday, Corn, D-Poteau, told commissioners that requiring utility companies to competitively bid electric power generation and fuel purchases will save money for rate payers.

“The bottom line is that this practice would be good for Oklahoma consumers,” Corn said. “The state should be doing all it can to ensure that Oklahoma families are paying the lowest price for electricity possible.”

Corn said another way the commission could lower utility costs for consumers would be to encourage companies to purchase electricity from coal-fired power plants – a policy that would benefit Southeastern Oklahoma.

“The area of the state that I represent does not have a major metropolitan area like Tulsa or Oklahoma
City or very many large employers. However, it is rich in coal resources that can be used to produce low cost energy for use in other parts of the state,” Corn said.

He said coal production and conversion to coal-powered electric generation have already created more than 2,000 jobs in Southeast Oklahoma.

“I believe the Commission should encourage utilities to maximize their use of this energy source in their systems. It provides significant savings to electricity consumers and provides significant economic benefits to the state, especially the southeast region,” Corn said.

The lawmaker also told commissioners that he would gladly sponsor legislation that would remove any legal barriers that might prevent them from adopting comprehensive competitive bidding rules.

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