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Coffee Selected for National Fellowship for ‘Rising Stars’ of American Politics

Co-Pro Tem Glenn Coffee Co-Pro Tem Glenn Coffee

State Sen. Glenn Coffee, the co-president pro tempore of the Oklahoma Senate, has been selected by the Aspen Institute for a fellowship program honoring public leaders identified as "the true rising stars" of American politics.

Coffee, R-Oklahoma City, is one of 24 leaders selected for the Aspen-Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership, following an eight-month search involving input from over 1,000 business, political, and civic leaders from across the country.

Drawn from the ranks of federal, state, and local governments, and representing 22 states, the Class of 2007 will form the third class of the Aspen-Rodel Fellowships in Public Leadership, designed to bring together “the very best of the nation's emerging leaders” to discuss broad issues of democratic governance and effective public service. This class of Fellows will convene late next month for a conversation centered on the underlying values and principles of a democratic society.

Former Oklahoma Congressman Mickey Edwards, the program's director, said the new fellowship class represents “the true promise of America––an outstanding group of young leaders with a clear commitment to putting aside partisan differences for the good of our nation."

Edwards described the program's goals as twofold: “In a political world in which partisanship has become increasingly negative and public decision-making has become increasingly polarized, we're working to help a new generation of public leaders build lasting relationships across party lines, and at the same time, we're trying to sharpen the focus of the political conversation on our common goals as members of a diverse democracy."

Aspen Institute President Walter Isaacson said the Rodel Fellows "represent the best hope for America's future — upcoming leaders committed to working together for the common good."

Coffee stated, “It’s an honor to be selected as a Rodel Fellow by the Aspen Institute. I look forward to meeting with leaders from across our nation to seek common ground for solutions to the issues and problems facing America today.”

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