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Coffee Cuts Red Tape on Organ Donation

Sen. Glenn Coffee Sen. Glenn Coffee
Anatomical Gift Act Helps Save Lives

Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee introduced his Uniform Anatomical Gift Act that will aid in making the process of organ donation more efficient and more accessible.

The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, Senate Bill 622, mirrors similar laws in various states that help families throughout the nation receive vital organs for their loved ones.

“So often, families are put through unnecessary waiting periods and paperwork from state to state in order to obtain an organ donation for a family member,” said Coffee. “The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act will help tear down the road blocks between states that prevent Oklahomans from having a life-saving transplant.”

Phil Van Stavern is the Director of Communications at LifeShare, an organization dedicated to helping save Oklahomans’ lives through transplant organ donation. Van Stavern is encouraged by the support Senate Bill 622 is receiving from Coffee and the Legislature and confirms how this legislation is imperative.

“Unfortunately, many Oklahomans die each year waiting for a transplant,” said Van Stavern. “Senate Bill 622 will create uniformity in laws among states that will be extremely helpful in providing organ donations across state lines,” said Van Stavern. “It helps if we are all reading from the same song sheet.”

Van Stavern went on to praise Oklahoma in that it has a unique honor in being one of the top states in the nation in donor registration with over 1.63 million adult Oklahomans registered to be organ, eye and tissue donors. Very few states have a higher percentage of licensed drivers registered to be donors.

“Having made the choice myself to be a registered organ donor, I encourage Oklahomans across the state to help save a life and become a registered donor themselves,” said Coffee.

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