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Coffee: Corn's Defense of his SJR 57 Vote is 'Convenient'

Sen. Glenn Coffee Sen. Glenn Coffee


Days after single-handedly killing a resolution to allow the people of Oklahoma to vote for a freeze on property taxes for senior citizens, Senator Kenneth Corn says he switched his vote from YES to NO “when he remembered Oklahoma voters had already decided the issue.”

“This late memory retention is very convenient on the part of Senator Corn,” said Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee, “but regardless of his reasoning, Senator Corn cannot deny that he cast the deciding vote against this very fair tax relief measure.”

Corn claims that taxes are already capped for those ‘who need it.’

“It must be reassuring to the thousands of senior citizens on fixed incomes across our state that Senator Corn presumes to know what is best for each and every one of them,” Coffee continued. “Senator Corn is running for statewide office to represent all Oklahomans -- so he says -- but he apparently wants to stand as judge and jury on which senior citizens in our state he wants to defend,” Coffee added.

“The plain and indisputable facts are, SJR 57 was about to pass until Kenneth Corn switched his vote from YES to NO a split second before the vote was closed,” Coffee said.

“Now, thanks to his bold leadership and late realization that most senior citizens don’t mind if their property taxes continue to rise year after year while their income does not, the very people for whom he has claimed to be an advocate will continue to see their property taxes increase unabated year after year,” Coffee continued.

“He can’t have it both ways. Either he’s for slowing the rise in senior taxes, or he’s against it. Senator Corn owes and explanation to this important constituency,” Coffee concluded.


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