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Coffee Announces Approval of Interim Studies


Senate President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee announced the approval of thirty-four interim studies and their committee assignments. The studies will be conducted between now and the beginning of the next legislative session in February, 2010.

Nineteen Senators requested interim studies in a variety of areas of concern to them and their constituents. Some studies are a result of legislation filed in 2009 for which further study was required or requested before moving the legislation forward.

“The interim studies requested and approved represent a broad range of interests and concerns to the members of the Senate and to the citizens of Oklahoma,” Coffee said. “We look forward to a very productive interim period and the findings of these studies.”

Coffee assigned interim studies to eight committees and two Appropriations subcommittees. The Energy, Retirement & Insurance, and Health & Human Services Committee, along with the Appropriations-Health and Human Services Subcommittee will be most active in the interim.

A complete list of requested studies and their assignments can be found on the Senate website at


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