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Career Tech Reform Bill Passes Senate

Sen. Corn says that SB 1112 is designed to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility to the career tech system.

State Senator Kenneth Corn (D-Poteau) has won Senate approval for legislation to bring reforms to the Career Tech system. SB 1112 will provide greater accountability to Oklahoma taxpayers.

Pointing to concerns throughout the Career Tech system in Oklahoma, Corn worked throughout the interim to produce these proposed changes that he says are common sense solutions to prevent the problems from occurring again.

“I am very pleased SB 1112 passed the full Senate today. As a product of Oklahoma’s Career Tech system I know firsthand the vital skills students learn from its programs,” said Corn. “I am committed to produce reforms that will allow Oklahoma’s Career Tech system to continue teaching our students skills that are inherent to career advancement.”

Recent audit reports and other allegations have called into question the use of Career Tech resources at three districts across the state. Corn said the problems stem from the lack of oversight ability by the State Career Tech Board and the lack of public accountability. He said having greater oversight and accountability could bring such problems to light for resolution in a quick and fair manner that would not detract from the System’s central mission of education.

The senator stated he supports the local control in place for the system, but there needs to be higher accountability when such serious problems arise. Under provisions of SB 1112, the length of a technology center school district board member’s term of office would be limited to five years.

“Our Career Tech Systems do an outstanding job in producing students with skills that allow them to succeed. These reforms will protect this vital education system and restore the public trust in its mission,” said Senator Corn.

Corn has served on advisory councils for the system, was named a Career Tech champion and stated this is a great opportunity to strengthen the system and return the focus to educating young Oklahomans. The measure has the support of the Oklahoma Vocational Association as well as the State Department of Career Tech.

SB 1112 will now be sent to the House of Representatives to be heard in committee and then to the House floor.

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