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Brian Bingman named President Pro Tempore-Designate for the 54th Legislature

Senate Republicans Monday voted by acclamation Monday to re-elect Brian Bingman to the position of President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma state Senate. Bingman, R-Sapulpa, is now President Pro Tempore-Designate for the 54th Legislature. Bingman continues to serve as Senate President Pro Tempore through the end of the 53rd Legislature in 2012. Majority Leader Mike Schulz said Bingman has been an effective leader as lawmakers have worked to promote Oklahoma’s economic recovery with a pro-jobs agenda.

"Pro Tem Bingman is a common-sense conservative leader defined by Oklahoma values and a commitment to moving our state forward," said Schulz, R-Altus. "I am proud to support him as Pro Tem, and I look forward to working together in the next legislature."

Appropriations Chair Clark Jolley said Bingman had consistently demonstrated his ability to reach consensus on key issues in policy and budget matters.

"Strong conservative leadership is needed now more than ever at the Oklahoma Legislature," said Jolley, R-Edmond. "Together, we have achieved historic medical malpractice lawsuit reform, workers compensation reform, and turned back the size and scope of government. Now is the time to seize our momentum and put Oklahoma on a path to prosperity and economic freedom—I am excited to continue working with my friend, Brian Bingman, as we advance conservative solutions for the challenges we face.”

During his first two-year term as Pro Tempore of the Senate, Bingman secured support for key economic development issues including worker’s comp and lawsuit reform. Despite a $500 million budget shortfall, Bingman ensured core services, including education, transportation and public safety, were shielded from deep cuts by promoting cost-saving measures that improved efficiency and reduced the size of state government.

Sen. Cliff Branan, Majority Whip, nominated Bingman for the position of President Pro Tempore-Designate for the 54th Legislature during Monday’s caucus meeting.

“Our entire caucus is proud to work with Pro Tem Bingman to create jobs and grow Oklahoma’s economy,” said Branan, R-Oklahoma City. “Senator Bingman is an effective, solutions-driven leader. We know him to be a strong conservative with a proven track record of results for the people of Oklahoma.”
Bingman expressed appreciation for the confidence of his Senate colleagues.

“We all want to see Oklahoma prosper with a growing economy and state government that is smaller, simpler, and smarter,” said Bingman, R-Sapulpa. “Our Senate Republican team has accomplished great things—yet, there is much work to be done. I am honored by the confidence my fellow members have placed in me, and leading our caucus is a responsibility I take very seriously.”

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