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Bingman Announces Senior Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel

Sen. Brian Bingman Sen. Brian Bingman

President Pro Tempore Designate Brian Bingman announced today that former Senator James Williamson will be joining his leadership staff to serve dual roles as Senior Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel.

"Jim is a true statesman. Although we are in a challenging time and we are sure to face difficult decisions this session, Jim is willing to answer the call to service. His experience and knowledge will be a great resource to us as we confront the difficult issues ahead" stated Bingman, R-Sapulpa.

Williamson was first elected to the Oklahoma Legislature in 1980 and served in the State House for six years until 1986. He then spent ten years in the private sector as an attorney before running successfully for the State Senate in 1996. While serving in the Senate he quickly gained the confidence of his colleagues and was elected to leadership within the Republican Caucus and retired due to term limits with the position of Republican Leader Emeritus. Last year Williamson served as the Senior Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel to President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee.

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