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Bingman Announces Leadership Assistant Hiring

President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman has announced the hiring of Nathan Atkins as Leadership Assistant to the President Pro Tempore and Communications Director.

Atkins has an extensive background in government and politics.

Nathan is a talented and highly regarded aide with a passion for public service, said Bingman, R-Sapulpa. His skills and background make him a great fit at the state Senate. I am excited to bring Nathan into the office of the Pro Tem as we work with all Senate members to move Oklahoma forward with a business-friendly, limited government agenda.

A native of Oklahoma, Atkins attended Edmond Santa Fe High School and the University of Southern California. Additionally, he is active in civic causes in the Oklahoma City community, where he currently resides.

Previously, Atkins managed the 2010 re-election campaign of Congressman Tom Cole. Additionally, he was part of the team that worked to elect Congressman James Lankford in 2010, and has worked for Senator Inhofe.

Contact info
Sen. Bingman: (405) 521-5605