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Bill would grow Oklahoma’s poultry industry and economy

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – State Sen. Dan Newberry has filed legislation to create a poultry house contractor license.  The license, issued by the Construction Industries Board (CIB), would allow for the expansion of the poultry industry in Oklahoma. 

“The drop in oil prices has demonstrated the importance of diversifying our economy.  I am committed to keeping hard working Oklahomans employed and our economy thriving,” said Newberry, R-Tulsa.  “This can be achieved by supporting the third most valuable commodity in Oklahoma, which currently provides $5.64 billion to the state and over 23,819 total jobs for Oklahomans.”

Currently, poultry houses cannot be economically constructed in Oklahoma due to certain CIB restrictions.  Under SB 819, builders still have to comply with CIB regulations, but the restrictions are now customized to the unique nature of poultry houses.

Newberry praised the stakeholders for coming together and reaching a consensus on the legislation.  “The CIB and The Poultry Federation have demonstrated the value of working together to ensure both of their interests are achieved,”  Newberry said. 


Sen. Joseph Silk, R-Broken Bow, who represents a district that will be positively impacted by this legislation, also endorses the measure.  “The poultry industry currently provides 739 direct, supplier and induced jobs to my constituents.  I am excited about the economic opportunities this legislation will bring to the people of District 5.” 

SB 819 passed out of the Senate Business and Commerce committee on February 19.  The next step in the bill making process is a hearing on the Senate floor.