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Bill to improve transparency of state contracts heads to governor

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Senate unanimously approved legislation Tuesday to provide more transparency of state service contracts. Sen. Bill Coleman, R-Ponca City, is the principal Senate author of House Bill 3484, which would require state agencies accepting a service contract, whether bid or no bid, to list the city, state, and country in which the services will be provided.

“The Legislature has worked hard in recent years trying to ensure that state contracts are awarded to Oklahoma companies as much as possible,” Coleman said. “Our state tax dollars need to be used to support Oklahoma businesses and jobs, not go to out-of-state entities. I’m proud of this bill and applaud Rep. Martinez for bringing this forward and for the Legislature’s overwhelming support.”

Under HB 3484, for any state contract not strictly awarded by the lowest price and going to a business not preparing or producing the services in Oklahoma, the agency's director would have to provide an explanation as to why they were awarded the contract.

The bill, authored by Rep. Ryan Martinez, R-Edmond, now goes to the governor’s office for final consideration.       


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