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Bill to Identify Uninsured Motorists Dies in Committee

Sen. Williamson disappointed his uninsured motorist bill wasn't heard this session.

State Senator James A. Williamson said his bill to protect Oklahomans from uninsured motorists is dead for the session after it failed to get a committee hearing this session. Williamson, R-Tulsa called it a blow to law-abiding citizens.

“Over a quarter of all drivers on the road are uninsured,” said Williamson, R-Tulsa. “Far too often, those drivers are only discovered once they’ve already caused damage and injury. My bill could have helped catch them before they victimized anyone,” Williamson said.

Senate Bill 1445 would have required drivers to display a decal on their windshield verifying that they had insurance, making it easier for police to catch those who don’t. The bill had been assigned to the Senate Business and Labor Committee, but the chair, Senator Leftwich, D-OKC, refused to hear the bill by the deadline for committee action on measures from the Senate.

“I am extremely disappointed that the Senate Democrat Leadership refuses to address this important issue. I am open to any constructive ideas which they may have, but nothing else has ever been brought forward by them or the Governor’s office help solve this serious problem.”

“If you have ever been hit by an uninsured motorist, you know what havoc it can cause—financially and so many other ways as well. Even if you have collision insurance, the deductible alone can still force you to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. For those who carry liability only, they can literally be left stranded,” Williamson said.

“We had an opportunity to do something proactive to help our citizens by giving law enforcement a new tool for catching uninsured motorists before they victimized someone else,” said Williamson. “To make Oklahomans wait at least another year for this kind of help is just a slap in the face to law abiding citizens.”

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