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Anti-Prostitution Bill Gets Final Legislative Approval

Senator Keith Leftwich Senator Keith Leftwich

Legislation aimed at driving prostitutes, pimps and their customers out of neighborhoods and other areas is on its way to the Governor for his signature; that after the Senate gave final approval to the measure late yesterday.

Senator Keith Leftwich and Representative Al Lindley wrote the legislation after meeting with residents of an Oklahoma City neighborhood that had become overrun with prostitutes.

"These citizens were angry and frightened by what was happening. Their children were being propositioned on the way to school. Parking lots and yards were littered with used syringes and condoms. We promised them we'd do everything we could to help fight this problem and that's what we've done," said Senator Leftwich, D-OKC.

The focus of the Senate Bill 1502 is to make the business of prostitution too expensive for those involved. Among the changes in state law the bill would make:

  • First offense fines for prostitution and pimping would be raised to $2,500

  • Second offense fines raised to $5000

  • Fines for subsequent offenses raised to $3000

  • Ending the "Own Recognizance" bail-out system to stop the "revolving door" for prostitutes and pimps

  • Fines for customers raised to $3000 for a first offense and $6000 for subsequent offenses

  • Prostitution within 1000 feet of a school or church would be a felony

"For years people have called this a victimless crime, but the people who have to live with it can tell you it isn't. I'm grateful our fellow lawmakers realized how serious a problem this is. Senator Leftwich and I are hopeful that the Governor will now sign SB 1502 into law," said Representative Lindley, D-OKC.

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