Meeting Notice


General Government 2ND REVISED

Subject General Government
From Date
Time 1:30pm
Location Room 230



  1. SB1082 By Jett of the Senate and Echols of the House

County officers; prohibiting third parties from assigning themselves as a beneficiary to certain monies held by a county treasurer. Effective date.

  1. SB1210 By Stanley of the Senate and Kannady of the House

Counties and county officers; allowing county assessors to use certain technology to inspect and assess real property. Emergency.

  1. SB1369 By Murdock of the Senate and Newton of the House

Public utilities; exempting certain entities from payment of certain costs. Effective date.

  1. SB1388 By Garvin of the Senate

State government; allowing certain state officers per diem and mileage reimbursement. Effective date.

  1. SB1530 By Garvin of the Senate

Discrimination; creating the Women's Bill of Rights; authorizing distinctions for certain purposes; requiring certain identification in collection of data. Effective date.

  1. SB1536 By Rader of the Senate and Boles of the House

Energy Discrimination Elimination Act; requiring State Treasurer to seek Attorney General opinion following adverse determination. Effective date.

  1. SB1650 By Paxton of the Senate

Cities and towns; directing rule promulgation for certain public utilities providing sewage services; establishing conformance standards; prohibiting certain legal actions within certain time period. Effective date.

  1. SB1655 By Rader of the Senate

Elections; prohibiting distribution of certain media within certain time period; establishing requirements for certain disclosures. Effective date.

  1. SB1856 By Stewart of the Senate and Osburn of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #3450)

Oklahoma Personnel Act; allowing for low performance evaluation to be used during a reduction-in-force implementation plan. Effective date.

  1. SB1863 By Stewart of the Senate

Local Development Act; expands areas where a county is authorized to create certain districts. Effective date.

  1. SB1948 By Stewart of the Senate

County purchasing; allowing county purchasing agents to purchase from remaining bidders for a price at or below bid price. Effective date.

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