Meeting Notice


Energy and Telecommunications 2ND REVISED

Subject Energy and Telecommunications
From Date
Time 9:00am
Location Room 535



Interim Study 2023-13

Nuclear Power Plants

Requestor: Senator Nathan Dahm

Interim Study 2023-61

Possible Expansion in Oklahoma of Electricity Generated by Nuclear Energy

Requestors: Senator Dave Rader and Representative Brad Boles

Interim Studies 2023-13 and 2023-61 being run together

  1. Welcome and Opening Statement - Senator Rader
  2. Nuclear Energy as Source for Electrical Production - Background, History, and Possibilities - Ken McQueen, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment
  3. Nuclear Energy Technology Advances - Dr. Steven Biegalski, Chair of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Program at Georgia Institute of Technology.
  4. Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Update/Applications - Marc Nichol, Executive Director for New Reactors Nuclear Energy Institute
  5. Possible Sites for a Generator - Brian Sherrick, Vice President, Shared Services, Generation, American Electric Power
  6. A Regional Perspective - Kelly Riley, Director of Resource Planning, OG&E
  7. Closing Comments - Representative Boles and Senator Dahm


Interim Study 2023-56


Requestor: Senator Dana Prieto

  1. Opening Remarks - Senator Prieto
  2. Lyoid Fussell  - Co-Founder & President of Engineering at FW Consulting
  3. Jesse Webb - Engineering at FW Consulting
  4. Robert Hefner - Founder of Hashpower
  5. Charlie Spears - Founder of Nakamotor & Strategy and Founder of Luxor Tech
  6. BJ Crocker - Founder/President of BitGlobal Energy Inc.
  7. Chris RandsDell - Vice President of Oklahoma Blockchain Council and Advisor at GioDell Syndicate
  8. Storm Rund - President, Oklahoma Blockchain Council and Chief Operating Officer, Red Dirt Mining
  9. Todd Hagopian - Chief Operating Officer, Player One Energy
  10. Closing Remarks
  11. Other business


Senator Lonnie Paxton, Chair

Senator Grant Green, Vice Chair