Meeting Notice



Subject Education
From Date
Time 9:30am
Location Room 535



  1. HB2009 By Davis et al of the House and Stephens of the Senate

Schools; class size limitations; modifying certain class size limits; providing stipend for certain teachers; effective date; emergency.

  1. HB2190 By Lowe (Dick) of the House and Pemberton of the Senate

Schools; permitting board of education to establish fund to purchase high-deductible property insurance policy; transfer of money; effective date; emergency.

  1. HB2989 By West (Josh) of the House and Stanley of the Senate

Higher education; transfer credits; report; score; president determination; policy; campus websites; effective date; emergency.

  1. HB3234 By Lawson et al of the House and Green of the Senate

Career and technology education; State Board of Career and Technology Education; high school equivalency credential; criteria; effective date.

  1. HB3276 By Baker et al of the House and Coleman of the Senate

Schools; teacher preparation; modifying duties of State Board of Education; competencies; effective date.

  1. HB3459 By Moore of the House and Rader of the Senate

Oklahoma Student Loan Act; Student Loan Fund; Oklahoma student loan authority; loans; procedure; qualified person; effective date.

  1. HB3600 By Hill of the House and Thompson (Kristen) of the Senate

State government; Oklahoma Science and Technology Research and Development Act; Oklahoma Health Research Committee; effective date.

  1. HB3792 By Hefner et al of the House and Seifried of the Senate

[Higher education; creating the Oklahoma Access and Achievement Act; effective date; emergency.]

  1. HB3974 By Echols et al of the House and Daniels of the Senate

Education scholarships; Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act; definitions; effective date.

  1. HB4050 By May of the House and Prieto of the Senate

Higher education; private educational institutions; religious degrees; modifier; effective date; emergency.

  1. Other business