Meeting Notice


Business, Commerce and Tourism 2nd REVISED

Subject Business, Commerce and Tourism
From Date
Time 10:30am
Location Room 535



1.             SB100 By Stanley of the Senate and Davis of the House

Podiatry; modifying license examination requirements. Effective date.


2.             SB269 By Coleman of the Senate and Strom of the House

Alcoholic beverages; authorizing certain social media exchanges. Effective date.


3.             SB315 By Coleman of the Senate and McDugle of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1914)

Alcoholic beverages; modifying authority of holders of distiller licenses. Effective date.


4.             SB353 By Bergstrom of the Senate

Industrial hemp; authorizing remediation of hemp under certain conditions. Effective date. Emergency.


5.             SB355 By Rosino of the Senate and Sims of the House (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1862)

Motor vehicles; creating Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Program Act; requiring assumption of liability for certain losses or injuries. Effective date.


6.             SB484 By Dahm of the Senate

Agency operations; providing procedures for federal rule and regulation review for state agencies; authorizing the Legislature to disapprove implementation of certain rules and regulations. Effective date.


7.             SB521 By Montgomery of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1750)

Roofing; providing for subcontractor registration without commercial endorsement. Effective date.


8.             SB548 By Daniels of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1896)

Healthcare expenses; prohibiting reporting of medical expense or debt to credit bureau. Effective date.


9.             SB765 By Bullard et al of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1755)

Conditions of employment; prohibiting vaccination as condition of employment; allowing voluntary compliance. Emergency.


10.          SB796 By Leewright of the Senate

Uniform Consumer Credit Code; finance rate for supervised loans; changing loan principal amounts; permitting a loan closing fee; setting closing fee amount. Effective date.


11.          SB798 By Leewright of the Senate

Credit card interchange fees; defining terms; requiring certain taxes and fees be excluded from certain interchange fee charges. Effective date. Emergency.


12.          SB822 By Leewright of the Senate

Motor vehicle dealers; authorizing certain fee; providing for calculation. Effective date.


13.          SB841 By Thompson of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1840)

Alcoholic beverages; business interests; prohibited acts manufacturers. Effective date.


14.          SB871 By Murdock of the Senate

Public Construction Management Act; removing option for subdivisions to require information on contracts. Effective date.


15.          SB922 By Howard et al of the Senate

Public fund investments; creating the Invest In Oklahoma Act; directing Department of Commerce to establish fund. Effective date.


16.          SB945 By David of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1858)

Beer industry requirements; beer distribution agreements; prohibited provisions. Effective date.


17.          Other business

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