Meeting Notice



Subject Appropriations
From Date
Time 9:00am
Location Room 535

1. 9:00-10:30-  Study on equality issues relating to racial discrimination and bias, state agencies and employees, communities, organizations and businesses of this state -Young

Intro:  Senator Young

Speaker (Virtual): Dr. Angela Hawkins, OBGYN – SSM Health Medical Group

Speaker: Dr. Christina Kirk, Educator – Star Spencer High School

Speaker (Virtual):  Damion Shade, Policy Analyst – OK Policy


Wrap up: Senator Young


2. 1:30-3:00- 2021-03- The Possibilities of Teacher Qualitative Pay- Bullard

Intro:  Senator Bullard

Speaker: Dr. Shawn Hime, Executive Director of OSSBA

Speaker: Jay McAdams Superintendent of Atoka Public Schools

Speaker (Virtual):  Dr. Ann Lebo, Director of Iowa Department of Education

Speaker: Ryan Walters, Secretary of Education



3. 3:15-4:45 - 2021-57 - Tagging trailers – Thompson

Intro:  Senator Thompson

Speaker: District Judge Mike Hogan, District 18

Speaker: Michael Kelsey, Executive Vice President of OK Cattlemen’s Association

Speaker:  Steve Thompson, Senior Director of Public Policy, OK Farm Bureau

Speaker: Jessica Grogis, Deputy Executive Director, OK Tax Commission



4. Other business