Meeting Notice


Agriculture and Wildlife

Subject Agriculture and Wildlife
From Date
Time 9:00am
Location Room 230

IS 2021-21 Senator Murdock – ODWC’s plans for license streamline and Administrative Rules process


1. 9:00 -12:00 - Various Speakers from ODWC


2. Briefly discuss changes to administrative rules process and added legislative oversight over admin rules


3. Discuss the need for license streamlining, ODWC's process for developing a new license structure and pricing package


4. Discuss the specific proposed license streamlining structure and pricing, as well as the justification for the proposed changes


5. Question and Answer


Lunch- Provided for committee members of Agriculture


IS 2021-23 Senator Murdock – Drift of Pesticide and Herbicide


6. Liability - Kenny Naylor – ODAFF (30 minutes)


7. Grower Perspective - Ron Kell (30 minutes)


8. Producer POV - OCA – Michael Kelsey (30 minutes)


9. Commercial applicators - RJ Gray (30 minutes)


10. AFR Insurance - Scott Blubaugh


11. Closing Statements and discussion


12. Other business

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