Meeting Notice


Agriculture and Wildlife

Subject Agriculture and Wildlife
From Date
Time 9:00am
Location Room 230

IS 2021-42  Senator Jech


Current impact and solutions concerning noxious weeds in Oklahoma


1. Introduction to study - Senator Jech


2. Introduction of OSU Staff - Dr. Thomas Coon


3. Overview of Noxious Weeds in Oklahoma - Dr. Karen Hickman


4. Musk Thistle/Weevil Research -  Dr. Tom Royer


5. Weevil Round Up Program – Tommy Puffinbarger


6. Management of the Musk Thistle in Kansas - Jeff Vogel


7. Oklahoma Laws/Consumer Protection - Kenny Naylor


8. Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma - Dale Frech


9. Effects on Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers - Michael Kelsey, Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association


10. Oklahoma State Agencies - Caden Cleveland, OMES


11. Closing Comments - Senator Jech


12. Other business