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Two Oklahoma Senators Named to National Homeland Security Advisory Council

Sen. Monson comments on the importance of having two state senators appointed to the advisory council.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 30 For Immediate Release: July , 2003 Clip
Two Oklahoma Senators Named to
National Homeland Security Advisory Council Two prominent members of the Oklahoma State Senate have been tapped to serve on a committee giving input from the state and local level to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Oklahoma is the only state to have two appointees to the panel.
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge selected State Senators Angela Monson and Jim Dunlap to be among the 3 state and local officials who will give advice to the Homeland Security Council on how to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.
Senator Angela Monson, DOKC, is Assistant Majority Leader of the Oklahoma State Senate and current president of the National Conference of State Legislators NCSL. She said her role as NCSL president has prepared her for this post.
One of my responsibilities as president of NCSL was to work with Secretary Ridge on various homeland security proposals. It is crucial that the concerns and ideas of local and state governments be taken into consideration as we try to determine how best to strengthen national security, said Monson.
Senator Dunlap, RBartlesville, is a former Republican Leader for the State Senate and recently completed a term as chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council. During that time, Senator Dunlap participated in several White House briefings on homeland security.
We in Oklahoma have a unique perspective on terrorism and emergency preparedness, as well as how to respond to a terrorist attack. Im honored to serve and try to bring the perspective of the Midwest to others who serve on the committee, said Dunlap.
The panel will be chaired by Governor Michael Leavitt of Utah. Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington D.C., will serve as vicechair of the committee. Other members include various state and local officials from Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Connecticut, California, Florida and Ohio.

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