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Statement from Senate Democrats on Rules Committee health care bans

Contact: Democratic Leader Kay Floyd
Capitol: (405) 521-5610 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City and Sen. Julia Kirt, D-Oklahoma City, issued the following statement regarding Senate Bill 613 and SB 129:

“The simple fact is that absolute health care bans are bad for Oklahoma. They cost us business, they cost us medical talent, and worst of all, they cost us lives. The Oklahoma Legislature does not know better than parents, patients, and doctors. Oklahomans have a right to the medical care they need. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect that right.” - Democratic Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City

“The anti-freedom health care bans that passed the Rules Committee today are another example of a reckless policy that fails to consider the real impacts on Oklahomans. It is clear our colleagues are not interested in giving Oklahoma families the empathy or compassion they deserve.” – Sen. Julia Kirt, D-Oklahoma City