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Senator speaks at County Deputy Reserve CLEET graduation

OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Ron Sharp had the honor of being the commencement speaker for the County Deputy Reserve CLEET graduation ceremony on Tuesday, July 1st at the Shawnee Bible Church.  The group was this year’s first class to graduate from the Basic Reserve for the 5th District. 

“It was such a privilege to get to speak to this outstanding group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting others,” said Sharp, R-Shawnee.  “Pottawatomie County will be in good hands with these brave and talented men and women on the job.”

The 13 graduates included Bryce Alexander (OBU PD), Gary Cozart (Kickapoo Tribal Police), Gregg Davis (Maud PD), Sadiki Dungee (Spencer PD), Gabriel Padilla (McLoud PD), Steve Partain (Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s office), Jessica Perry (McLoud PD), Robert Reeves (Pott. Co. Sheriff’s office), Ira Romine (Pott. Co. Sheriff’s office), Paul Shannon (Pott. Co. Sheriff’s office), Kevin Stoll (Kickapoo Tribal Police), Jared Strand (Asher PD) and Anthony Louie (Seminole Nation Lighthorse).

Four graduates received awards during the ceremony including Jessica Perry for Top Handgun, Sadiki Dungee for Top Shotgun, and Kevin Stoll for Top Academic.  Steve Partain also received The Mike Roberts & Tim Lowery Memorial Award, which is named after the two reserve deputies who were killed in the line of duty in 2011.  The Memorial Award is given to the cadet that most exemplifies the qualities of Roberts and Lowery as well as their dedication to the reserve program.

The academy coordinators include Lt. Jimmy Brewer, Lt. Joe McGirt, Lt. Ken Vanduser and Sgt. Scott Hawkins.  All four work for the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office. 

The CLEET (Council of Law Enforcement, Education and Training) Reserve Academy is 240 hours of fast paced, intense instruction of police skills and procedures.  The Reserve Academy offers the same training as the CLEET full-time academy but in half the time.  The training covers laws and criminal procedures, firearms, defensive tactics, law enforcement defensive driving, report writing, criminal investigations, crime scene investigation, community policing and human relations. The academy is designed to train officers and deputies who are in a reserve status with their commissioning agency.

The instructors are CLEET-certified or are professionals in their field who are approved by CLEET.  Often times, the instructors and coordinators volunteer their time to help with the academy.

The academy lasts six months with classes being held, on average, two nights a week.  Each class last four hours. The cadets must pass three progress exams during the academy with a minimum score of 70%. After the completion of the academy, the cadets receive their Basic Reserve CLEET certificate and are certified to work in a reserve status with any agency in the State of Oklahoma (excluding State Police agencies). This certification is good for life, as long as the peace officer is in good standing with CLEET.

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