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Senator Lawler Fights to Protect American Dream

Senator Daisy Lawler said Friday the latest far-reaching decision by the U.S. Supreme court to allow local governments to seize private property through eminent domain is will result in the robbing of citizens of the American dream.

“This is a basic liberty that is being taken away through greed and covetetousness, which are contrary to my values,” Lawler said.

Lawler (D-Comanche) said she intends to file legislation in the next legislative session to protect Oklahoma property owners of such atrocities. She said other states have been successful in passing laws to protect property owners. Lawler said just last year the New Jersey Supreme Court stopped Donald Trump from evicting people from their homes to expand his casino in Atlantic City.

“Any property can be bull-dozed – including homes, farms and businesses – and replaced with something some entity thinks can be more profitable. This is an effort to try and fool the American people by calling these schemes ‘economic development projects,’” Lawler said.

Lawler said taxpayers already pay to bring companies to towns as well as for the roads and utilities they need to operate. She said this time the U.S. Supreme Court has gone too far by taking away the rights of property owners – a fundamental American value.

“It is my hope with the legislation I file will protect the property rights of all Oklahomans,” the Senator said. “We ask so much of our citizens already, and to ask them to give up their homes for private economic profits, is not something I will ever support.”

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