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Senator Coffee Authors Legislation To End Vehicle Inspection Law

OKLAHOMA CITY - Starting this July, Oklahoma drivers may have one less headache to worry about. That's after the State Senate approved legislation to end the state's mandatory vehicle inspections. Those inspections cost Oklahomans $5 a year for each vehicle they own.

House Bill 1081, authored by Representative Richard Phillips, R-Warr Acres and Senator Glenn Coffee, R-Oklahoma City, carries the amendment that would eliminate the inspections. Senator Coffee said it was time to end the yearly inspection requirement.

"Part of the reason we enacted this is because of a federal law that has since been repealed. Oklahoma is in a minority of state's that continues to require the inspection. Many garages don't want to do them, because it isn't worth their time. And many Oklahomans drive around with expired inspections stickers just because its so hard to find the time to get it done," said Senator Coffee.

Representative Phillips supported Senator Coffee's amendment.

"The process of getting your vehicle inspected is a hassle for the vehicle owner and the mechanic and no evidence is available to show that it actually saves lives or prevents injury," said Representative Phillips. "I commend Senator Coffee for attaching this amendment and getting the bill passed. I look forward to presenting this in the house sometime next week."

Of the $5 inspection fee, only $1 goes to fund state services, such as law enforcement. Under this proposal, that would be transferred so that the $1 would be paid at the time a vehicle tag is renewed.

"The bottom line is, you're going to save four bucks a year on each vehicle you own, and you won't have to hassle with the yearly inspection," explained Senator Coffee.

Because several attempts to reform motor vehicle inspections have failed in the past, Coffee is asking the public to help support his efforts to get his bill passed in the House.

"I encourage everyone who is fed up with our current vehicle inspection system to contact your State Representative and let them know that you want their support for House Bill 1081," said Senator Coffee.

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