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Senate Approves Standards For Abortion Clinics

OKLAHOMA CITY - The State Senate has approved legislation that would set specific standards for abortion clinics. The legislation, authored by Senate Minority Whip Carol Martin was approved as an amendment to HB 1404.

"I first attempted to pass this legislation over two years ago, and since then the State Health Department has begun to address this issue. Now it is time for us to follow through with the implementation of these standards," said Senator Martin.

"The fact is, a veterinary clinic has more regulations than an abortion clinic. What does this say about the safety of the patients there?" asked Senator Martin.

If the legislation became law, it would require clinics performing abortions to:

  • Use only licensed anesthesiologist
  • Maintain an advance transfer agreement with the emergency room of the nearest hospital

Clinics performing an abortion on a minor without prior consent or knowledge of the parents would be liable for the cost of any subsequent medical treatment required because of an abortion.

"This isn't about the issue of abortion, this is simply about the safety standards of clinics performing those procedures," said Senator Martin.

The next stop for this legislation is a joint House/Senate conference committee. Senator Martin will serve as a member of that conference committee.

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