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Senate advances domestic violence measure

Sen. David Holt Sen. David Holt
Sen. Holt explains domestic violence bill.

The state Senate has unanimously approved House Bill 2526, legislation intended to address Oklahoma’s domestic violence crisis. Authored by Sen. David Holt and Rep. Kay Floyd, the proposal creates a series of research-based questions that will be asked to domestic violence victims by responding law enforcement officers.

An example of one of the questions is: “Does the victim think the person will try to kill the victim?” The answers to the questions will help the officer determine the level of continuing danger, so the victim can be directed to the appropriate shelter or services.

“Oklahoma has the third-highest rate in the nation of women being murdered by men, and that is unacceptable,” said Holt, R-Oklahoma City. “This bill directly addresses our domestic violence crisis by giving law enforcement the tools to help victims receive the appropriate security or services they need.”

“I am honored to have been a part of bringing this additional assistance to victims of domestic violence and our law enforcement community,” said Floyd, D-Oklahoma City.

HB 2526 passed the Senate 47-0, and now advances to the governor’s desk for consideration.

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