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Oklahoma Senate Opposes Chinas Proposal to Replace the Dollar as the Worlds Standard

Republican State Sen. Dan Newberry has won Senate passage for a measure opposing the creation of a new currency to replace the dollar as the worlds standard. The full Senate approved Senate Concurrent Resolution 16 on Wednesday. Newberry, R-Tulsa, said Chinas proposal to create a new currency would undermine Americas dominance in global economics.

This outrageous proposal is set to be debated at the upcoming G20 meeting in London, Newberry said.

This poses a huge threat not only to our nations economic standing but to our sovereignty. This move would benefit China, and it would be to the detriment of the United States.

SCR 16 declares the Oklahoma State Legislatures strong opposition to the proposal to shift the worlds currency away from the dollar.

Despite the current economic situation, the United States remains the greatest nation on earth, Newberry said. Now is the time for people of Oklahoma and across the United States to let our Congress and the President know that we will not tolerate this or any other proposal that would weaken our sovereignty or our world standing.

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Sen. Newberry's Office: 405-521-5600