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"Oklahoma Pride "

A Weekly Update on all of the Good News about Oklahoma

Because much of the good news about our state is sometimes overlooked by state leaders and others, many positive developments and success stories in Oklahoma go unreported. It is our hope that "Oklahoma Pride," a weekly publication of the Oklahoma Senate, will ensure that the best stories about Oklahoma are told.

For example, this week in Oklahoma, did you know that......

With state employment numbers nearing the high water mark set during the days of the oil boom, Oklahoma is embarking on an economic renaissance unequaled in state history. The latest evidence is the state's unemployment rate.

Oklahoma's jobless rate has dipped to 3.6 percent, almost two full points lower than the national average of 5.5 percent.

Southwestern Bell economist Craig Knutsen attributes the growth to Oklahoma's friendly business climate: competitive incentive programs, high productivity, low labor costs, easy highway accessibility and a high quality of life.

In other words, you're doing fine Oklahoma, but we can do even better!

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