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Latest Meeting Of The Committee On Animal Waste And Water Quality Productive, Senator Easley Says

Senator Kevin Easley (D-Wagoner Co.) is encouraged by the latest in a series of meetings aimed at drafting new laws to regulate the poultry and hog farming industries. The panel of House and Senate lawmakers are reviewing the recommendations of the Oklahoma Waste and Water Quality Protection Task Force.

"This week we heard from several people concerned about the environmental impact of the corporate farming industry," said Senator Easley. "Among them were officials from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Oklahoma Farmers Union, and others. Their information and opinions are extremely valuable to this committee's work."

The special committee of legislators will be meeting again next week while continuing their preparation for the upcoming legislative session in February. Committee members will hear testimony from a representative of the BASF Corporation, the Oklahoma Cattleman's Association, the Sierra Club, and the Oklahoma Wildlife Federation.

"The key for success is to find a way for corporate hog and chicken industries to function without contaminating our air or water supplies. We'll be trying to find a middle ground that protects our environment without unnecessarily putting people out of business," said Senator Easley.

The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21 in the House Chamber at the State Capitol. Start time for the meeting is 1:30 p.m..

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