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Democratic Author and Longtime Advocate of the “Back-to-School” Sales Tax Holiday Comments on Signing of Administrative Rules

Sen. Jay Paul Gumm Sen. Jay Paul Gumm

*Note to Editors: Senator Jay Paul Gumm, (D-Durant) who has long been the champion of the “Back-to-School” sales tax holiday in the Oklahoma Legislature, and whose district borders Texas in southeastern Oklahoma, issued the following statement in regards to Governor Brad Henry’s signing of the administrative rules that will govern the operation of Oklahoma’s first ever sales tax holiday August 3-5.

“For years, we have been fighting this battle to give a tax cut to Oklahomans that truly values families.

“The Governor’s signature on the administrative rules that apply to the sales tax holiday sends a clear signal to Oklahoma retailers and families that we have won that battle and are ready for the weekend of tax- free shopping that is only a week away.

“Oklahoma retailers –many of them small business on main streets across this state –will now be on a level playing field with bordering states like Texas and Missouri—states already enjoying the benefits of a “Back-To-School” sales tax holiday.”

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